Brand Feature: AbsoluteXtracts (ABX)

AbsoluteXtracts—ABX—is a leading cannabis company specializing in strain-specific, high-THC cannabis oils. ABX is committed to providing pure, safe, and potent cannabis concentrate products.


A NorCal Native

With roots in Northern California, AbsoluteXtracts is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. 


Clean Process

At their facility, the plant materials are tested and inspected. The herb is then dried, cured and processed in a pharmaceutical-grade “clean” room.

They use clean, high-pressure CO2 at low temperatures to extract the cannabis oil without the use of toxic solvents or additives. 

When packaging the cannabis oil, ABX uses CCELL cartridges that are designed to ensure easy flow and a reliable draw. 


Their Products

So, what does ABX is offer? I’m glad you asked. They have vape cartridges, soft gel capsules, oil tinctures, and an infused beverage made with Lagunitas (yes, the craft-beer makers) hops! Here’s their whole lineup:

Strain-Specific Vape Cartridges

These are full-spectrum cannabis oil vape cartridges. 100% pure cannabis oil, available in CCELL technology. 

Loud+Clear Cartridges

These high-voltage distillate cannabis oil cartridges feature their loudest all-natural cannabis terpenes. High-potency, strain-specific C02 distillate cartridges bring a new high to amp up your adventure.

ABX Live 

Live Resin + Distillate Cannabis Oil. Available in CCELL Dart technology, it combines style, durability and a high-performance battery to deliver the highest-quality vaping experience. The ultimate companion to elevate any adventure. Experience the next level in cannabis vaporizer technology.

Sleepy Time

ABX Sleepy Time is formulated with potent THC and a supporting blend of terpenes designed to support restful sleep. Available in vapes, soft gels, and sublingual drops.

Cannabis THC Soft Gels
Cannabis oil in an easy to consume, precisely dosed gel cap. Ideal for long-lasting relief. A high-quality organic coconut oil (MCT) is added to aid absorption of the cannabis oil for optimal benefits. (Use Caution: As with any edible, the intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by up to 2 hours).

HiFi Hops

Now, this could be a blog post all on its own. But we’ll keep this short and sweet. AbsoluteXtracts has partnered with Lagunitas Brewery (another NorCal native), to create HiFi Hops, a hoppy sparkling beverage—with zero-calories, and zero-carbs—infused with THC & CBD. 

They have two dosages the 10mg or the 5:5mg.


AbsoluteXtracts has always been committed to transparency, sustainability, and ensuring the highest quality cannabis products for their customers. 


At Reefside, we are proud to offer AbsoluteXtracts’ full product line so come on down and pick up some ABX at our store or skip the line and order online.