Delirious Fun: Vibrant Santa Cruz Events

In the summertime, the city of Santa Cruz is awash with vibrant activities, and this year is no exception. From festivals featuring live music and delicious food to engaging workshops capable of imparting lifelong skills, active individuals will find themselves with more on their calendar than they can handle. Here are some eye-catching upcoming Santa Cruz events we think you’ll enjoy.

Santa Cruz Events to Check Out 


Tequila and Taco Music Festival

Each summer, the Tequila and Taco Music Festival makes its way across the state of California, bringing along its signature blend of gourmet eats and fun tunes. With a setlist filled with the best local artists and renowned margaritas on hand, the Tequila and Taco Music Festival is an ideal destination for those simply looking to relax and unwind with some spicy festivities.

In addition to mouth-watering tacos, the festival also showcases an assortment of vendors selling art and other crafted items to purchase as a memento of your visit. The centerpiece of this lively Santa Cruz event is the Tequila Experience, a tequila sampling extravaganza that promises to liven up any downer mood.


Insatiable Tribute to Prince

Born in the Bay Area, the Purple Ones are one of the most prominent Prince cover groups currently operating, bringing a delicate and respectful touch to the range of work left behind by the late, great artist. This summer, the Purple Ones will present their “Insatiable Tribute to Prince” for the city of Santa Cruz to enjoy in all of its splendor.

With 12 members rounding out the group, a Purple Ones performance is a full-bodied experience, seeking to redefine the typical role of a cover band. Instead of attempting to mimic the aesthetic style of Prince with costumes or impressions, the Purple Ones look to emulate the musical energy of their subject with their distinct passion and rhythm. 


The Art of Pizza Making

What better way to spend an afternoon than with a master-class in a useful and age-old art? The lessons you take from “The Art of Pizza Making” at the Multiversity Teaching Kitchen could last you a lifetime, as you explore the full depth of artistry that goes into the act of crafting traditional pizza. 

Beyond merely making pizza, the day-long course will take you through a guided tour of an herb and vegetable garden, where you’ll learn the precise applications of essential herbs used in the pizza-making process. Later, you will be introduced to an assortment of aged cheeses, participate in a wine-tasting event and finally be given the opportunity to try your hand at making your own pizza. Next time the munchies strike, you won’t have to order delivery!


Wednesday Night Sailboat Races

Each Wednesday night throughout the summer, the Santa Cruz Harbor hosts sailboat races for visitors and residents alike to enjoy against the backdrop of the gorgeous Monterey Bay. With a plethora of restaurants surrounding the action as it happens, the beautiful sunsets and crisp ocean air make a Wednesday night excursion to the harbor a spectacular destination for those looking to introduce friends to a unique Santa Cruz event. 

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