We’re Working to Keep You Safe: Coronavirus Precautions in Place

At Reefside, we value you and take your health and well-being very seriously. We are taking strong precautions to ensure that our store is clean and safeSince we provide health insurance and sick time to our staffthey can visit healthcare practitioners and take days off whenever they do not feel 100%. We are also taking the following precautions in all our stores: 

  • We will be sanitizing the sales counter between every few guests and wiping down high touch areas such as ATMs at regular intervals.  
  • We have installed a HEPA Air filter with UV-C light sanitization to help kill airborne viruses. 
  • We are removing all flower sniffer jars.  
  • Our security personnel are encouraging all visitors to use the available hand sanitizer stations upon entry.
  • We are following all orders from the local government to limit the number of customers allowed in our stores at any given time. 
  • All staff members are washing their hands for a full 20 seconds at regular intervals throughout the day. 
  • We are reminding our staff to avoid touching their faces, and please remind us as well if you see any of us doing so! 

You can now pre-order online at Reefside. Pre-ordering is simple, and orders are filled in a matter of minutes. By pre-ordering online, you’ll be able to collect your product faster, which limits the amount of contact you will have with other customers. Thank you for your understanding during these timesIf we seem a bit short staffed on any given day, just know that it is part of the preemptive measures that we are taking to keep you safe. Take carestay well, and we look forward to seeing you soon.