Bay Area Product Feature: Cookies by Berner

What makes some strains your go-to and other strains completely forgettable? Most people would say some combination of: unique effects that give them a perfect feeling, nostalgia, and local pride.

Well if you haven’t yet tried any products from Cookies, prepare to have a new favorite go-to strain. Bay Area company Cookies was founded by grow expert Jai and entrepreneur/rapper Berner. The name comes from the legendary strain the pair created, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), which gives people a perfect mix of happiness and relaxation. GSC took the country by storm, becoming one of the highest selling strains in California, Washington, and Colorado.

Since creating GSC, Cookies hasn’t slowed down. Focusing on combining superb genetics from around California, Cookies is now proud to offer a new range of strains leave you feeling great and have been created only about 1 hour north of Santa Cruz. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


London Pound Cake 75

London Pound Cake is one of the most mysterious, but also best, strains in Santa Cruz. This is the 75th mix between Sunset Sherbert x Nep OG, and all of that expermitation has produced some buds that are well worth the wait. London Pound Cake is deep purple and green in appearance, with a gassy, sweet, blueberry, and lemongrass aroma. It is an extremely well balanced hybrid, that is perfect with a morning cup of coffee or late at night on the beach.


Gary Payton

Gary Payton is a unique strain named after the legendary Bay Area native and Seattle SuperSonics Hall of Fame player Gary Payton. He is widely considered the best all-round NBA guard in history, and these buds follow in the same footsteps. Unlike some other strains named after celebrities, this high THC hybrid packs an extremely powerful punch that’s also surprising well balanced.

After 20 attempts of making the perfect cross between Snowman and The Y, Gary Payton was born. Upon opening the bag, the room fills with a sweet, creamy, and berry aroma. Be sure to grab a few eighths when Gary Payton is available at Reefside because it’ll go fast!


Cookies – By Cookies

Not only does Cookies create some of the best strains in the world, they also create some extremely tasty and potent edibles! Reefside carries a full range of infused cookies made by Cookies. They come in 3 different varieties: Cherry Pie, Cookies & Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip. We also carry Cookie’s a new line of infused Blue Hawaiian gummies.


A Lifestyle

In Northern California Berner and Cookies are building more than a cannabis brand, they’re creating a lifestyle. And if you don’t believe us, take a look for yourself: